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The event featured multi-disciplinary panels, musical performances, presentations, exhibits, and a hackathon. “I don’t think there’s any event that brings together artists, people in business, and engineers in this way,” said Michael DiBenigno, MBA ’15, who attended last year’s inaugural Hacking Arts event and was one of the student organizers this year. “I think that combination is what makes it special. There’s that technology piece that you may not find anywhere else.”
— Michael DiBenigno, Co-Chair '14
‘This is the perfect place for there to be mutual ground for those two cultures to meld together. This isn’t an arts conference that’s going to feature some room for engineering, or an engineering discussion that’s going to talk about art, but really be a place that spoke for and spoke to those two audiences at the same time,’ continued Halaby.
— Catherine Halaby, Co-Chair '13