From artistic production and distribution to securitisation and authentication, blockchain technology is already changing the way we create and consume visual arts. Learn the basics of the blockchain and hear from the artists and entrepreneurs who are mining its cultural value.

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Yehudit Mam

Yehudit Mam is the cofounder of, the only social network where people from all over the world speak to each other through digital drawings, creating collaborative visual conversations. DADA’s provably rare digital drawings are available in its fully decentralized marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. Yehudit handles marketing and communications for DADA. She is a writer and was a creative director in advertising.


Dan Piech

Dan Piech is an entrepreneur, designer, engineer, and pioneering photographic artist. As the founder of VAST, he leads a team of like-minded technology innovators producing the highest resolution artistic photographs ever created. Prior to starting VAST, Dan led product management teams at tech companies and graduated with degrees in economics, art, and public policy from Duke University.


John Watkinson

A computer scientist and creative tech, John Watkinson holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Columbia University. He is the artist and co-creator of the Cryptopunks, the first art/collectible project on Ethereum, which became the basis for ERC-721, the Ethereum standard contract for managing for crypto goods. He is currently working on Choon, a streaming music platform built around a crypto token.

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moderator: Arjun Mendhi

Arjun Mendhi is an accomplished engineer, entrepreneur and artist. As the CEO of MTonomy, he leads research, development and adoption of decentralization technologies for the media industry. Before MTonomy, he has led product, technology and business at various organizations, from public corporations such as Danaher to startups such as Infinite Analytics. He is a two-time winner of the MIT $100K Web/IT Track Award, and has an MBA from MIT Sloan and CS undergrad from Anna University. When not working with researchers and artists on MTonomy, he enjoys rock climbing.