Hacking Arts is lucky to have an amazing group of partners who help make the event successful year after year.

This year, we are especially thankful for a new partner right here in Kendall, Le Laboratoire. Just a few blocks away from MIT Sloan and the Media Lab, Le Laboratoire is an imaginative gallery space run by David Edwards, a Harvard professor, inventor, and entrepreneur.

We partnered with Le Laboratoire to host our VIP Thank You event for all our Panelists, Moderators, Hackathon Mentors & Judges, and the Sponsors who help make the event possible. All VIP guests were welcomed to Le Laboratoire's "Experiment #20: The Trouble with Jellyfish."

Learn more about the Experiment below and visit before it closes! 

PS: We suggest you pop next door to Cafe ArtScience for a bite to eat; Cafe ArtScience offers a truly decadent sensory experience!

The Trouble with Jellyfish

Mark Dion with Lisa-ann Gershwin

September 18, 2015- January 2, 2016

"The Trouble with Jellyfish, a contemporary art installation by Mark Dion.  Across the world’s seas, jellyfish blooms of impressive magnitude are signaling ecological disturbances and a dramatic deterioration of the marine environment.  While these troubles are beginning to garner public attention, what to do remains unclear. Mark Dion, working with students in David Edwards’ Harvard University class, and the marine biologist Lisa-ann Gershwin, decided to do an experiment.

This exhibition, the 20th experiment of Le Laboratoire, explores jellyfish as seen historically through culture, the marine biological challenges associated with jellyfish and degrading ocean biodiversity, the notion of a dead zone and our roles in their global emergence, and what, if anything, we might do to move toward a saner and safer ocean environment tomorrow.  

The Trouble with Jellyfish is sponsored in part by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the New England Aquarium."

Learn more here.