Autodesk, one of Hacking Arts’ premier sponsors, challenged our hackers with a challenge to revolutionize the making experience.

Autodesk makes software for people who make things and in that spirit, they challenged the hackers to collaborate with their team and create something (design, 3d-printed object, or idea) with the Fusion 360 software. Fusion 360 is a cloud modeling software that is free for students.

“What does the future of making look like with teammates? The winner of this challenge will be the team that makes best use of the Fusion 360 platform.”

To help teams conquer this challenge, Autodesk provided many resources for the teams. On the night of the Hackathon, Autodesk provided a 2-hour workshop that taught students how to use their Autodesk Fusion 360 tool along with Shapeways 3D printing service to print out their designs. They also offered a more advanced workshop that focused on the Fusion 360 API, which allows for much more user-driven creativity.

Autodesk staffed the night and morning hours with multiple mentors to provide help to hackers and answer any of their Fusion 360 questions. Kumaran Chanthrakumar, of the Sounditure Hackathon team, described the Autodesk mentors and workshop presenters as “The best people ever” and that he “fell in love with Fusion 360 during the hackathon.”

We had seven teams compete for the Autodesk Challenge Prize. They all approached the challenge and Fusion 360 in very different ways.

About Face - Face swapping code + CAD to generate & share interactive personalized stories increasing emotional reaction & empathy

Fusion Magic - We bridge the gap between physical and digital art using fusion 360 and artistic robotic arms

Fusion Magic

Fusion Magic

MusicBubble - A tangible musical creation tool for the VR world. MusicBubble is a creative tool that makes music spatially tangible and allow an intuitive way to create music Reinventing ableton/garage band to become more interactive with your music becomes a more tangible immersive experience with similar flexibilities to tilt brush that allows the user to allows the user to focus on their craft Able to be more expressive



MuSyC – converting music from sounds to color



Sounditure by Overtones - We use song specific-data to shape furniture design.

Revive - A system that integrates virtual reality, tactile feedback, and music to learn Tai Chi

Two of the teams that participated in the Autodesk Branded Challenge also made the top 12 teams of the Overall Hackathon - Fusion Magic and Sounditure by Overtones.

After deliberation by the Autodesk team, Sounditure by Overtones took home the Autodesk Branded Challenge and the $2500 cash prize.

Members of the Sounditure team include:

•       Kumaran Chanthrakumar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

•       Thomas Chardin, Berklee College of Music

•       Leyla Novini, Parsons School of Design

•       Jakub Florkiewicz, Harvard Business School

•       Alyssa Gerasimoff, Rhode Island School of Design


Hacking Arts had the opportunity to interview the winning team, Sounditure.

When asked about her hackathon experience, Leyla Novin responded “Wow, the whole experience!”  Kumaran Chanthrakumar had an interesting take on Music - “Music is where memories can be stored, because who doesn't associate certain songs with parts of their lives? Having a physical representation in the form of such a familiar item...really does bring a whole other level to music appreciation.” This helped bring the idea of Sounditure to life.

What’s Next for the Sounditure team? Leyla Novin stated that “we spoke with Autodesk after the awards ceremony and they were very interested in working with us to continue working on this application and eventually build a physical representation of our prototype through 3D printing.  We will be in touch with them!”

Thank you to all of the teams that participated in the Autodesk Challenge and congratulations to Sounditure!

Left to Right:  Lucas Ewing (Autodesk), Brian Ekins (Autodesk), Jakub Florkiewicz (Sounditure), Alyssa Gerasimoff (Sounditure), Thomas Chardin (Sounditure), Kumaran Chanthrakumar (Sounditure), Leyla Novini (Sounditure), Mike Alcazaren (Autodesk), Jeremy Carter (Autodesk)

Left to Right: Lucas Ewing (Autodesk), Brian Ekins (Autodesk), Jakub Florkiewicz (Sounditure), Alyssa Gerasimoff (Sounditure), Thomas Chardin (Sounditure), Kumaran Chanthrakumar (Sounditure), Leyla Novini (Sounditure), Mike Alcazaren (Autodesk), Jeremy Carter (Autodesk)