Through a collaboration between Brooklyn Ballet and NYC Resistor, technology is transforming dancers' costumers into interactive performance pieces.

... and we're bringing both NYC Resistor and Brooklyn Ballet to Hacking Arts 2015!

Technology has such great opportunity to impact the arts, and nowhere will you see that more well represented than on our panel "Choreographing the Future" which brings together innovators from across the globe to discuss how technology is shaping their artistry. 

Snowfall Tutus: To accomplish the snowfall/glitter efffect we’ve added LED lights, motion sensors, and custom coded/fabricated microcontrollers to the tutus. The sensor we used is called an accelerometer and its placed at the waist of the corset. It reacts with with movement of the dancer by increasing the amount and brightness of the LEDs with more vigorous movement from the dancer.
— NYC Resistor

See the result of NYC Resistor's partnership with the Brooklyn Ballet below, and look out for both of their booths in our Tech Expo

Finally, ballerinas from the Brooklyn Ballet will close out the Conference with a special performance Saturday at 4:30 (right before Young Guru's Keynote to kick off the hackathon!) We can't think of a better capstone to our Conference, and we hope you will join us

The main attraction ... were the costumes. Hidden under white tulle skirts were motion-sensor lights — credited to YMX by Yellowman and NYC Resistor — that resembled falling snowflakes. Hands down, it was the prettiest sight of the night.
— New York Times, on the Brooklyn Ballet costumes

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