The MIT Hacking Arts festival will be, for the first time ever, accepting applications for their 2015 Arts Hackathon! Never been to a Hackathon? Well, ours is all about connecting groups of creative and ambitious minds together with the necessary tools to foster collaboration in the arts through technology.

Our Hackathon is a 24hr competition that contains teams of 4-6 people - if you don’t have a team we’ll be running a team formation and ideation session, so no worries. Each team will develop and elaborate on a pitched idea and with the help of industry-established mentors, deliver a final product to a board of judges with the possibility of winning several notable prizes. Last year, we had some amazing groups with an unbelievable amount talent. One group, TurnUp, created a music discovery subscription service that helps local artists find new fans in their area through a matching system similar to Tinder. Last year’s winner of Most Creative Hack was Harlequin, which created an interactive technology that scanned participants’ body movement and projected artistic images mimicking the participants post back to the audience! 

We look forward to meeting and working with you to help innovate, initiate, and create in order to inspire new advances in the creative industries. Applications open August 8th and close September 18th. Space is limited, so apply now and come revolutionize the future of arts and entertainment!