The future of sound with Auro-3d

We were lucky to be joined by Auro-3D, a pioneer of 3D sound. Auro-3D is a next generation audio format that delivers a full three-dimensional soundspread capable of reproducing natural acoustic space.

Check out this image that Auro displayed at our Tech Expo that explains how their technology uniquely layers sound: 

Normal audio only achieves the Surround Layer - but when the Height and Top layers are included, you truly feel immersed. Visitors to the Conference got a taste of the tech during our Tech Expo. 

But the real experience required a bit more setup - Auro-3D also created a special listening room in our auditorium for the hackers. The listening room displayed the full power of 3D audio: you could hear a dog barking behind you, and plane flying overhead, or (as in the case below) the full reverberation of a chorus singing in a cathedral.