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Acciyo is a browser plugin that gives you context as you read a news article.


Akora is an online education platform connecting inquisitive minds with their peers and instructors in virtual seminars. At Akora we believe online learning needs to be social. That we learn so much from our peers - we push each other forward, give each other a reason to show up in the morning and make it meaningful. We currently offering online classes to young professionals in the Boston area taught by local PhDs and adjunct faculty

Amazing industries

AMAZING INDUSTRIES is an R&D startup and an ongoing artwork that explores the multiple futures of work.

Brett Wallace is a New York-based artist whose practice involves an exploration of the future of work. He recently founded AMAZING INDUSTRIES ( -  an R&D startup that demystifies work and advocates for workers in the digital age. The startup as artwork has been reviewed and mentioned in ARTnews, Artslant, Hyperallergic and Whitehot magazine. AMAZING
INDUSTRIES is represented by Silas Von Morisse gallery in New York.

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EchoMe is a Music Social Network that enables  users to broadcast music globally right from their phone. Connect your favorite streaming service, press play, and invite your friends and followers to listen with you in real time. EchoMe also offers feature artist stations, geolocation discovery, rewards, 24 hour friend song feeds, live chat, collaborative playlists, and influencer stations. Advisors include members from Drake’s label, OVO, YMCMB, and Maverick Management. Help us democratize radio!

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HodlPal is a social trading platform for cryptocurrency, empowering everyone to make smarter investments by working together.  Because news is often clouded by hype, crypto-investors must assess source credibility while manually tracking their performance. HodlPal combines social connectivity with trading and analysis to enable its users to easily track profit, engage in fact-based discussions, and replicate strategies of top performers while managing risk. Building on a foundation of trust and automation, HodlPal’s users will co-create an ecosystem for actionable market intelligence generated by humans and machine-learning algorithms. HodlPal is currently raising seed funding and seeking additional members, partners and collaborators for the launch of its platform in 2019. By engaging communities with accessible technology, HodlPal is promoting the evolution of a more inclusive global society that values freedom, diligence, and responsibility.


At ICTUS, we explore the limits of creative expression and storytelling. Through the execution of cutting edge technology, passionate composition and bold ideas, we create and elevate content that truly matters artistically and socially.

ICTUS’s new release Unraveled is an ocean of repressed and unleashed emotions. It exists in an uncontrolled mental space, where your subconscious is fighting to see the light. Every single element of the composition is tailored to this feeling. The lead singer and writer of the lyrics, Sherry Li, sings at a steady tempo representing one’s restrained and logical self. Underlying it, the surrounding choir’s rubato chant tides us to the surface of our greatest fears and most heartfelt desires. With sensibility, the intimate whispers come and go, echoing the endless boundaries of our minds. They brush the different sides of our common bodies. There is no surprise that, when immersed in this unknown territory, we find ourselves unsealed. Vulnerable again. Muting our silences. As the song progresses, the duality slowly merges, forming a complete and free identity, swaying in its newfound liberty.'

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InvisaWear creates smart jewelry and accessories with safety technology. When double pressed, they instantly alert up-to 5 contacts that you need help and share your location. You can even enable the free and optional 9-1-1 feature to contact your emergency contacts with 9-1-1.  


look alive

Look Alive is a creative technology studio that rethinks the edutainment exhibition and interactive installation, enhance people’s learning outside the classroom through cutting-edge technologies to create thought-provoking and meaningful experiences.



Conceptual Artist: Aesthetics of Information Ethics

He explores contemporary social systems affected by information systems. Cirio is considered one of the most noticeable Internet artist for embodying hacker ethics, such as open access, privacy policies, and disrupting economic, legal, and political models. He received a number of legal threats for his Internet art performances with practices such as hacking, piracy, leaking sensitive information, identity theft, and cyber attacks. Paolo Cirio engages with legal, economic, and semiotic systems of the information society. His works investigates social fields impacted by the Internet, such as privacy, copyright, democracy, and finance. Paolo Cirio’s art practice considers how society is affected by the distribution, organization, and control of information. It embodies the conflicts, contradictions, ethics, limits and potentials inherent to the social complexity of information society.


Signe pierce

Signe Pierce is a multimedia artist whose work straddles performance, photography, video, social media, light design and installation. As a self-described "reality artist", Pierce's work is inspired by the concept of reality being an artistic medium, and that an artist's life can be viewed within a similar context as an artist's work. Her conceptual artist talks & social media performances are known for dissecting perception, hyperreality, new media, and technological singularity in a poetic, funny, and enigmatic manner that is uniquely its own.


Swappl solves the daily financial needs of our users while empowering them to value their own skills.Rather than just offering skills and hobbies to friends for free, users can exchange them for something else which they would not have been able to afford otherwise. By increasing financial empowerment through community exchange, Swappl reduces one’s vulnerability of engaging in predatory lending and enables the monetization of side hustles.

tathy yazigi

Tathy Yazigi graduated with honors in performance by the School of Dramatic Art of the University of São Paulo, with specialization in dance in New York. Attended festivals and exhibitions in the US, Europe, Latin Americanand Central America, Africa among them: 3rd Afiriperfoma, Nigeria, 2018; SXSW, Austin, 2017; Terra Comunal | Marina Abramovic + MAI, São Paulo,2015; Perfochoroní, Festival Internacional de Performance, Venezuela,2015; International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2014 and The Story of the Creative, Gallery, New York, 2013.

In 2018 she graduates as a Masters in Fine Arts by the interdisciplinary and Nomadic program Nomad9 of the University of Hartford andis certificated as a Somatic Movement Educator by the North American technique BMM (BodyMindMovement).

Her research is focused in the creation of transformative environments, actions and records that promote the exaltation of the intersection in between artist, audience and space. From the intervention with the body in reality, or in her personal rituals, she awakens the strangeness in the public and intends to enable mutual transformation.