Art in the age of blockchain

From artistic production and distribution to securitisation and authentication, blockchain technology is already changing the way we create and consume visual arts. Learn the basics of the blockchain and hear from the artists and entrepreneurs who are mining its cultural value.


As technology brings the world closer together, it’s possible for audiences to experience art like never before. Explore how thought leaders in accessible practices are using digital docents, tactile printing, design thinking, and other ideas to cultivate diverse audiences and artists from all walks of life.

Interactive Art and the Modern Day World

The role of the artist has changed dramatically in the digital age, and new tools put creative control in the hands of audiences like never before. Dive into a new artistic landscape with thinkers and tinkerers who are putting users at the center of the map.

Financing Your Artistic Venture

Many artists and artistic organizations face significant financial obstacles, which impedes the growth of their artistic ventures. These obstacles often stem from an over-reliance on unpredictable revenue streams, such as philanthropy and government funding. Join a panel of “artrepreneurs” to uncover how innovative, sustainable financing models are bolstering the new creative economy and the role of impact investing.


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